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by Minnesota Registered Agent Services LLC

Minnesota Registered Agent Service in Owatonna, Minnesota!

When you form a corporation or LLC in Minnesota, you are required to appoint a registered agent to accept service of process and official mail on your behalf.

You’re Better Off With Us, Here’s Why:

  • Registered Commercial Office in Owatonna, MN
  • The Best Price in the Industry: Only $49 Per Year
  • Instant Access to Our Top of the Line Online Customer Account System
  • The Fastest Document Delivery Available: Your Documents Are Uploaded Within Minutes
  • Affordable Business Formation Service with Domain, Website, Email, and Phone Number
  • Dedicated Service From Our Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff of Minnesota Business Experts

If you’re looking for a Minnesota registered agent, you may think you need to find one in Minneapolis or else you’ll be out of the loop. Actually, nothing is further from the truth. We offer the best registered agent service in the state from right here in Owatonna—plus all the tools to establish your online business presence (domain name, website, SSL certificate, email, and phone).  And we offer better prices than you’ll find in the big city on absolutely everything.

Why can we offer so much? It’s a lot cheaper in Owatonna to stay in business. Less overhead for us means more savings for you. Our office isn’t huge. We run a small, local operation. We like it that way. It allows us to focus on offering the best service to our clients. We want you to feel like family, not like one more number in our corporate book.

When you sign up with Minnesota Registered Agent Services LLC you’ll also be hiring the fastest business filing company in Minnesota. If there’s one thing we know better than our competitors, it’s Minnesota business. We know which forms to file and how to file them right, the first time. We don’t waste your time because we figure there’s a million other things you’d rather do than file business forms.

Don’t settle for a cut-rate company. Go with the best. Go with Minnesota Registered Agent Services LLC.

Registered Agent Service in Minnesota

Am I Legally Required to Have a Minnesota Registered Agent?

Yes. Minnesota state law (MN Code Chapter 5, Section 5.36) requires that all business entities continuously maintain a registered office and registered agent in the State of Minnesota.

The law is designed to ensure that the general public and the Secretary of State can reliably reach your business. In particular, the law requires businesses to designate a physical location where service of process can be delivered (called a registered office).

Can My Business Be Its Own Registered Agent?

No. Entities in Minnesota are legally prevented from representing themselves as registered agents.

According to state law, you must appoint:

  • A natural resident of the state
  • A domestic entity in good standing
  • A foreign entity in good standing

What We Do as Your Registered Agent:

As your Minnesota registered agent service, we accept official business mail, legal correspondence, and state-level notifications on behalf of your company. When we accept documents for your business, we forward them to you in a timely manner.

What Mail?

  • Service of process (notice that your company is involved in a lawsuit)
  • Legal correspondence
  • Annual report reminders
  • Tax notifications
  • State compliance requirement notices

Send It How?

  • We scan your documents into your online account within minutes
  • We notify you immediately
  • We forward your documents to you

This Happens Where?

At our registered office in Owatonna. Our office is open throughout the year during regular business hours. We are always available to accept mail and certified documents on behalf of our clients.

Option to File Your Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) requires most new businesses to file a BOI report within 30 days of company formation. If this report is not filed, you could face hefty fines.

Order our BOI report filing service ($9) to ensure that your report is filed accurately and within the deadline. Find the option at checkout or order through your secure online account.

Changing Registered Agents

You can change your Minnesota registered agent online at the Secretary of State’s website. Mailed filings are charged a $35 processing fee. When you sign up with us, this document will be available and prepopulated with your information in your online account.

Filings can also be submitted in-person or online for a $55 fee.

Forming a Business in Minnesota

When you hire us to form your LLC or corporation with the Secretary of State, we will prepare and file your business formation documents. We prefer to file online, which is processed more quickly and gives our clients the most efficient service.

Our business formation service also includes a bunch of benefits you’d pay an arm and a leg for with other companies:

  • One year of registered agent service
  • An LLC operating agreement or corporate bylaws and other business documents
  • Use of our business address
  • Mail scanning
  • Domain name
  • Pre-built open-source website and SSL certificate
  • Email
  • Phone service

We give you everything you need to make your business look professional and keep your business and personal separate.

Or, you can file on your own:

Online Filing

You can set up an account with the Minnesota Secretary of State and file your formation documents online. Online filings are processed same-day.

  • LLC Online Fee: $155
  • Corporation Online Fee: $155

Filing By Mail

You can mail your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. Mailed filings are usually processed within 5 to 7 business days, once they receive your filing. While it takes a little longer to process your business filing by mail, it will save you some money.

  • LLC Mail Fee: $135
  • Corporation Mail Fee: $135

Filing In-Person

You can bring your formation filing directly to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. If you do, you will be required to pay an expedite fee of $20.

  • In-Person Fee: $155
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